Why Business Aviation?

Increased Employee Productivity

  • Time savings & productivity en route
  • Rapid response & strategic presence
  • Improved quality of life
  • Management support signaled to corporation
  • Enhanced corporate image to community

Sales Growth Tool

  • Accelerate transaction rates & value
  • Increases in market share
  • Client relationships & sales opportunities

Secure Competitive Advantage

  • Meet or surpass competitors
  • Discourage competition due to rapid response

Induce Operational Efficiency

  • Accelerate integration of corporate knowledge
  • Business process efficiency
  • Management control & operations oversight

Offset Company Expenses

  • Reduce complexities & expense of commercial travel
  • Reduce productivity losses & extended days away
  • Reduce turnover of key personnel
  • Enhance recruiting at reduced costs
  • Reduce staffing levels
  • Charter revenue offsets
  • Tax deductions and depreciation advantages

Improve Risk Management

  • Improve industrial security
  • Reduce or eliminate uncontrolled public exposure
  • Secure control of passenger personal safety
  • Protect intellectual property