Whole Ownership

For more information, please see our Program Brochure.

Is owning an entire aircraft the right choice for us?

  • Your turnkey process begins with consulting to extract anticipated use over the ownership timeline.
  • Synergized with acquisition and sustainment options that make practical financial sense for your organization.
  • Coupled with productivity increases, sales growth opportunities, operational efficiency, expense offsets, and improved risk management.
  • To determine if the cost of doing so will provide commensurate strategic benefits to effectively justify ownership.

What benefits and advantages should we expect when committing to whole ownership?

  • Strategic presence for key personnel: Executives, Project Managers, Technical & Service Teams, Sales Representatives, and others.
  • Significant time savings utilizing smaller, second-tier airports near your intended destination, rather than headaches associated with commercial airport and airline use.
  • Industrial security by moving key personnel guiding expansion projects & product innovation securely.
  • Transportation for key clients to facilitate meetings, close deals, and enhance your image.
  • Access to airports without commercial air service.
  • Flights with productivity aids facilitating work related meetings, individual or group study & analysis, privacy and comfort, or rest between multiple events in a single day.

How is it handled financially?

  • Acquisition - Founders works with each client to design an acquisition strategy respective of your current financial situation:
    • Outright purchase
    • Financing
    • Lease
  • Sustainment: Probably the most overlooked but key component to longevity.
    • Annual budgets are constructed and approved based on your UNIQUE profile. There's NO guessing how much it's going to cost. We hate surprises.
    • Fixed expenses based upon your customized solution are paid per month.
    • Operational expenses incurred from each trip are billed in arrears. Bottom line: What you pay is what it costs, identified ahead of time, and without any hidden fees, surcharges, or unknown expenses
  • Other benefits:
    • EVERYTHING is transparent and pass-through. If savings are realized throughout the duration of service, those savings pass directly back to you.
    • Most operational and some fixed expenses are tax deductible.
    • EVERYTHING we do is auditable from day 1. You see it all.