Turnkey Services – Our Commitment to You…

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Consulting & Program Placement

  • Our turnkey services begin with a cost-free, no-obligation presentation to demonstrate advantages of corporate aviation, programs created by Founders, and benefits to customize to your unique requirements.
  • When you’re ready for Founders to develop a plan of action for your organization, our Consulting efforts will commence and focus upon developing your unique service profile, synergized with an acquisition and sustainment strategy that makes sense. An informed decision is always the result.

Aircraft Acquisition

  • If the optimum decision involves aircraft acquisition, Founders represents you to facilitate selection. Our trusted relationship with manufactures and brokers will help you avoid pitfalls associated with competitor high-commission, one-time sales experiences.
  • Founders Aviation provides security and confidence that your investment will meet your diverse needs and achieve them in a timely manner—making the right aircraft for you an asset, not a burden.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Our professional pilots and maintainers keep your asset at its peak performance. Our pilots are your personal representatives, ensuring your travel experience remains strategically effective.
  • Implementation of an award winning Safety Management System is Founders Aviation’s highest priority. Our maintenance staff are all manufacturer-trained and certified, coordinating responsibilities in accordance with manufacturer and FAA guidelines. From inspection alerts and recommended service intervals; to properly correcting, tracking, and documenting all observations; Founders Aviation continually strives to provide maximum assurance of your personal safety.

Turnkey Logistics

  • Scheduling & dispatch, catering & rental cars, accounting & tax reporting, are only a few of the administrative details Founders Aviation manages for each client we serve. Founders strives to ensure a complete experience, acting as your outsourced flight department at every turn.
  • Our processes are digital, accessible, and respect your time by facilitating direct interaction your aircraft management system. Whether with scheduling, billing, document retrieval, aircraft location & tracking, or simply checking the weather at your destination, Founders Aviation provides streamlined access at all times.

Continual Service Review

  • Founders devotes continual attention to service improvement. If there’s a better way to achieve your objectives, or if service requirements change as your program develops, we’ll immediately identify it and recommend modifications to translate benefits directly to you. Managing your investment deserves no less.
  • Comprehensive service reviews are conducted at 6-month intervals, and provide detailed analysis of program operational and financial metrics to your designated representative. As problems or recommended modifications are identified, we’ll raise the concern directly with your organization and initiate corrective action immediately.

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