Shared Ownership

YOUR aircraft, flown by YOUR pilots, from YOUR home base, dedicated to serving YOUR requirements, compatible with YOUR budget, to recapture the value of YOUR time.

For more information, download our Phenom 100 - Shared Ownership Flyer or our Phenom 300 - Shared Ownership Flyer.

Commercial Air just isn't working:

  • Drive time to and from major airports
  • Ever increasing costs to keep employees on the road
  • Planning our schedule around an airline
  • Capacity cutbacks affecting where and when we travel
  • What happens if I miss a connection?
  • A private jet sounds great, but our travel needs are too limited for corporate aviation, aren’t they?
  • And besides, we simply can't afford to own a whole jet!


But What If:

  • Your jet waited for you
  • Airport access was less than 10 minutes away
  • Multiple meetings in a single day was the norm
  • You could work uninterrupted in flight with internet, phone access, a plug for your laptop!
  • And make it home for dinner on the same day
  • BUT MOST OF ALL: What if it was affordable?!?

Founders Aviation Shared Ownership:

  • Locally based aircraft with pilots you know
  • Co-ownership with a limited number of partners to ensure access to YOUR jet with 75 days of use per year for each ¼ share
  • Unlimited flight hours on your day of use
  • Share fixed expenses among all owners and operational expenses billed as incurred
  • Access to Founders Aviation's transparent and pass-through cost structure
  • No hidden fees, surcharges, or minimums
  • Short and flexible contract terms, simple invoices and agreements
  • Highest safety standards in the industry
  • Tax benefits of ownership are YOURS!