Our Philosophy

Problems with legacy providers

  • Focused upon high-commission, one-time sales of expensive jets
  • No research conducted to ensure an optimum client-aircraft-service synergy
  • Inefficient O&M, with no regard to safety or performance
  • High-cost services with no transparency or accountability
  • No business experience to guide program development & execution
  • Aircraft acquired as an "after the fact" reaction to success

The way it SHOULD be done

Founders' turnkey services begin by providing quantifiable answers to a simple question: "WHAT DO YOU NEED?"

  • What are your current travel requirements at various levels of your organization: Executives, Project Managers, Technical Service Teams, Key Sales Representatives, and others vital to success?
  • What are your plans & strategic objectives for the next 2-3 years, and what impacts will that have on your requirements?
  • Where might efficiencies be gained, productivity increased, or costs & delays reduced or eliminated?
  • What upcoming project revenue will sustain aircraft funding requirements through the years ahead?
  • Why might a corporate jet be the right answer? Or is it at all?
  • What are the benefits and tradeoffs of one aircraft over another?
  • How much "better" will it be? Can someone quantify what "better" means?

Key Components in EVERY Founders Program

  • Increased productivity to recapture the value of your time
    • Conduct multiple meetings in a single day
    • Eliminate needless time away from the office or home
    • Reduce travel expenses with same-day trips
    • Fewer overnight hotel stays, and expenses while "on the road"
    • Keep your personnel EFFECTIVELY engaged
  • New Technology Aircraft: Take your office airborne!
  • Financial Incentives: designed to enhance your bottom line
  • Direct access to airports 5 minutes from your meeting
  • Reduce or eliminate reliance upon commercial air