Owner Flown

Embraer Phenom 100 exterior during flight

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Are you currently an owner of Light Jet? Are you interested in upgrading from a prop aircraft? Would guidance, management, and training from industry experts be of assistance to you?

  • Consulting: Let Founders conduct initial consulting to guide you through the complex market space of newer light jet technology, ensure an appropriate match for your piloting skills, and design an acquisition strategy that fits your financial profile.
  • Acquisition Assistance: Through a trusted network of manufacturer representatives and secondary market providers, we can ensure the purchase process is free from difficulty.
  • Aircraft Management: Efficient, low-cost management designed to keep your aircraft at peak performance, and remove the hassles of ownership. The same transparent, pass-through cost structure that encompasses all our programs is a benefit now available to you as well.
Proficiency training: Three levels to best suit your specific needs:
  • Basic: ground training and 10 to 15 hours of flight time, dedicated to general aircraft familiarization, glass cockpit flying basics, high altitude normal and emergency procedures, instrument approaches, and take-offs & landings.
  • Intermediate: Approximately 25 hours of flight time going through the skill-set mentioned above, but also adding full emergency procedures, and several longer-range flights to enhance high-altitude navigation and IFR flying skills.
  • Advanced: 35 to 40 flight hours. Each component listed previously, adding additional flying events and night operations.