Local Dedication - there and back...

Two men shaking hands by a private jet at a local airportFounders believes in putting corporate aviation back where it belongs: directly accessible to those who so vitally depend upon its benefits...THE OWNERS. We place our programs at airports near the organizations they are intended to serve, and eliminate needless travel delays to commercial facilities.

Why base your business jet at large airports and wait in line with airline traffic (both on the ground and in the air) if you're trying to avoid it?! By using well-established, second-tier airports near your home base, Founders significantly reduces fuel expenses, hangar fees, property taxes, and other charges that can add as much as 50% to operational costs when basing at major airports.

To build your flight plan and efficiently conduct your trip, we'll be asking for the actual address of your intended destination rather than the nearest commercial airport. Founders makes every effort to arrive at facilities no more than 5 minutes away, and reduce or eliminate needless drive-time upon arrival. By combining time efficiency with operational savings, on both ends of your trip, we continually work to enhance your productivity and facilitate resource stewardship.

  • YOUR aircraft
  • Flown by YOUR pilots
  • From YOUR home base
  • Dedicated to serving YOUR requirements
  • Compatible with YOUR budget
  • To recapture the value of YOUR time
  • And enhance YOUR bottom line