Increased Productivity

business people getting work done on a Founders Aviation flight

"The facts are that core businesses all over the United States and throughout the world depend upon the vital, irreplaceable link corporate aviation provides, and realize significantly improved efficiency and greater return over competitors who do not."

- Keith Harrison, Founders Aviation, President & CEO

Business Journal Special Feature: Transportation & Travel
October 2009

Read the NEXA Advisors, LLC report titled Business Aviation - An Enterprise Value Perspective for more information.

Conduct multiple meetings in a single day

What was once a complex 3 or 4-day corporate travel event can now be efficiently transitioned into a productive, single day meeting when facilitated by an effective Founders solution. Even when requirements exist in more than one location, corporate aviation can "get you there" to maximize the utilization of your time.

Eliminate needless time away from the office or home

How often do you or your personnel miss important family events or business meetings at HQ because your existing travel plans make it impossible to be in two places at once?

Reduce travel expenses with same-day trips

Enhance your quality of life, improve effectiveness, and boost corporate morale by establishing a program accessible by key personnel... not just executives. There is a better way.

Fewer overnight hotel stays & expenses while "on the road"

Trips conducted with corporate aircraft typically reduce time requirements by 3 to 4 hours per domestic one-way trip (6 to 8 hours per round trip), and 6 to 8 hours per international one-way trip (12 to 16 hours per round trip). What could you do with that time?

Keep your personnel EFFECTIVELY engaged

Take your office airborne: conduct meetings, access the internet, send email, use your cell phone, finalize presentations, hold strategic planning sessions...whatever you need to do, a corporate jet can support it!

Reduce or eliminate reliance upon commercial air

Increased costs for basic airline services, higher ticket prices, reduced capacity, packed aircraft, cancelled flights and extensive delays with both departure and arrival requirements make commercial airline use in today's economy a business detractor.