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Overview (1:42)
The Founders Difference (1:04)
Fractional Vs. Shared (0:52)
Real Numbers (1:16)
Commercial Vs. Corporate (0:41)
Small Company, Big Efficiency (1:11)
Owner Pilot Advantage (1:08)
Single Aircraft (1:25)
Small Business Aircraft (1:22)
Case for Whole Ownership (1:08)
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1 minute, 42 seconds

How Founders Aviation approaches the unique requirements of organizations both large and small.

The Founders Difference

1 minute, 4 seconds

Founders Aviation initiates all client services with in-depth consulting; the key to extract productivity and efficiency.

Fractional Vs. Shared

52 seconds

The answer to legacy, fractional programs no longer applicable in today’s economy.

Real Numbers

1 minute, 16 seconds

How did S&P 500 peer-group companies using corporate aviation do over a 5-year period?

Commercial Vs. Corporate

41 seconds

Time-savings when using corporate aviation versus commercial airlines.

Small Company, Big Efficiency

1 minute, 11 seconds

Can my organization effectively utilize corporate aviation?

Owner Pilot Advantage

1 minute, 8 seconds

Transitioning from a prop aircraft to a jet? Let Founders show you the way.

Single Aircraft

1 minute, 25 seconds

Is your organization really achieving the effectiveness you desire?

Small Business Aircraft

1 minute, 22 seconds

How can we utilize our staff more effectively? Can we do more with less?

Case for Whole Ownership

1 minute, 8 seconds

Cases for regional, domestic, or international service: What’s the right fit for us?

Play All

11 minutes, 54 seconds

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