Founders Aviation - Our culture and commitment to you...


  • Our highest priority, for clients & employees
  • Industry-leading safety management system, guiding operations & maintenance
  • Proven track record with organizations large and small


  • Secure, efficient, accountable - the way it should be
  • Based upon a solid business foundation


  • Highest personal and professional standards - we know no other way
  • Always working to earn your trust and keep it


  • Unmatched experience, across the full aviation spectrum
  • Industry experts, with over 35 years combine flight experience


  • We don’t make promises we can't keep
  • Always looking for a better way


  • Guiding your solution from initiation through execution
  • Backed by industry leading partnerships
  • Acting as your outsourced flight department

Cost Effective

  • Transparent & pass-through cost structure
  • Auditable from day one


  • Innovative technology from proven manufacturers
  • Eliminating legacy cost burdens
  • Effective efficiency with dedicated support

Environmental Responsibility

  • Efficient, cutting edge technology
  • Route optimization & fuel savings
  • Paperless office & administration
  • Optional carbon offset program