Financial Incentives

Operations - How valuable is your time?

Founders Aviation takes great pride in the development of industry-leading productivity improvement model to demonstrate your quantifiable gain. Quite often claims are made stating business jet use will make things "so much better!" Really? HOW MUCH BETTER? Let us show you what our travel solutions can do for your unique requirements.

New Aircraft Cost Recovery:

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2009 has provided buyers of new aircraft a tremendous incentive: the ability to completely depreciate your aircraft over a 5-year period, with 50% deductible in year one alone. These annual offsets to EBIT enable a well-developed strategy to "write off" the entire purchase after five years, and maintain capital values in so doing.

Legacy Aircraft Replacement:

Financial incentives exist to remove older aircraft from service, write off lost value on that jet, and/or roll capital forward into a new, efficient platform. Whatever your financial situation, Founders has a solution designed to enhance your bottom line.

Financing Aircraft:

For clients desiring a jet now, but not in the financial position to make an outright purchase, Founders Aviation has designed a capital-building acquisition strategy with deductible interest expenses. Amortization and payoff parameters are set to meet your strategic objectives, and adjust to cash flow constraints.

Ownership Expenses:

Some fixed and most operational expenses are deductible and provide further financial incentives to aircraft owners, whether businesses or individuals.

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