Constant Improvement - Our dedication to you...

office on board

Operational commitment

Founders Aviation aircrew and dispatch personnel are focused upon ensuring your aviation solution performs at its peak effectiveness at all times. Arrival airports near your intended destination, fuel & maintenance program discounts that accrue to your benefit, and travel options with transparent cost structures facilitate program efficiency.

Pass-through expenses

As reductions in fixed expenses are realized Founders Aviation passes those savings along to you. Our billing and invoice statements provide clear delineation of all program changes, and keep you "up to date" with budgetary modifications. Our commitment to you: NO surprises.

Program Placement

As your business grows, travel requirements will most certainly change. Founders Aviation conducts semiannual reviews together with your corporate planning staff, responding to challenges before they become difficulties. If program placement requires a change, we'll work with you to determine the most optimal solution.

Aircraft evaluation

We treat your aircraft as an asset-based investment, and don’t recommend holding it long enough for real depreciation to erode value. Preserving your capital, and rolling it forward to a new platform at the appropriate time ensures your efficiency and performance remain a top priority.