Whether an existing aircraft owner interested in making a change, or an organization new to corporate aviation, our process begins with in-depth, dedicated discovery, designed to accurately assess your requirements, and develop a customized solution. We'll work together with you to determine the best program fit: Whole Ownership, Shared Ownership, Charter or Owner-Flown Light Jets.

Let Founders Aviation overhaul your organization’s program, and reinvigorate productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Existing Aircraft Owners

Are you currently trying to manage your aircraft "in-house" thinking it had to be less expensive to do so? And have you subsequently discovered that either (1) you have no idea how much it really costs because no one is tracking it, or (2) you tremendously underestimated the expense?

Significant industry experience shows that 85% of "in-house" programs are structured poorly, often unsafe, and frequently don't take advantages of economies of scale. Additionally, no one is tasked with identifying service improvements or cost efficiencies.

Is your aircraft based at a large, commercial airport?

Corporate Aircraft in this situation normally incur significantly higher fuel rates & landing fees, increased annual property taxes, and are quite often at significant distances from the organization they were intended to support. Operationally, you wait in the same line as every other commercial airline, and incur significantly higher costs and delays by using these facilities.

Who in your organization is tasked with tracking efficiency of your corporate aviation program, and what is their stake in so doing?

Are your pilots also trying to manage your multi-million dollar asset? Are they trained to do so? What is their education and experience to make recommendations for change? Do they jeopardize their job by recommending improvements?

Are you flying a 10, 20, or 30 year old aircraft that isn't remotely providing the efficiency you require?

Most legacy aircraft incur two to three times the operational expense and annual sustainment costs of newer aircraft. Older aircraft aren't capable of using modern navigation equipment, and jeopardize your ability to utilize facilities other than major commercial airports. Is your jet safe?

New to Corporate Aviation

What are your current travel requirements at various levels of your organization: Executives, Project Managers, Technical Service Teams, Key Sales Representatives, and others vital to success?

We'll work with your travel manager/department to extract data and build your profile as it currently stands.

What are your plans & strategic objectives for the next 2-3 years, and what impacts will that have on your requirements?

Interviews with Executives, Project Managers, and senior decision makers will determine the objectives this aircraft should facilitate.

Where might efficiencies be gained, productivity increased or costs & delays reduced or eliminated?

Rapid Response, Strategic Presence, Productivity increases, operational efficiency, offsetting expenses, improving risk management...we'll leave no stone unturned.

What upcoming project revenue will sustain aircraft funding requirements through the years ahead, and how much will that require?

By working with CFOs and Financial representatives, we'll design an acquisition and sustainment strategy that makes sense.

Why might a corporate jet be the right answer? Or is it at all?

If designing a program doesn't meet your goals, or isn't the right answer, then it isn't worth tying up capital resources in attempt to "pretend". Our consulting process is designed to clearly present all options and secure you as long-term client.

What are the benefits and trade-offs of one aircraft over another?

Corporate aviation isn't a "one-size fits all" application. Your program will be customized and tailored to your unique requirements and objectives. Whole Ownership, Shared Ownership, Charter and Owner-Flown Programs provide turnkey options that are distinctive and performance-based.

How much "better" will it be?

We'll quantify time savings, cost offsets, and productivity increases unique to YOUR travel profile, so you have the facts to make the best decision.