Embraer Executive Jets Legacy 500 Program on Track to Enter Service During the First Half of 2014

Embraer Executive Jets

With three prototypes now in the flight test certification campaign, the Company announced, today, that the Legacy 500 is on track to enter service in the first half of 2014.

“Testing to validate all system and interior components is proceeding well,” said Ernest Edwards, President Embraer Executive Jets. “After some 150 hours of test flights, we are pleased with the results. Having three prototypes in the air in such a short time with such good results is a testament to the skill and dedication of our flight test team who have got the program off to such a great start.”

Serial Number One took its maiden flight on November 27, 2012, and began the flight test and certification campaign in December, with pilots reporting the flying qualities have exceeded expectations. Serial Number Two took to the air for the first time in February 2013, followed by Serial Number Three in March.

The Interior Test Rig, designed to verify the fit and finishing of the interior, as well as comfort, quality and durability, has already completed its cycle, including numerous six-to-seven-hour simulated flights. Many recommended changes have already been fitted on Serial Number Three. That aircraft is designed for testing interior fittings as part of the maturity campaign, which seeks to ensure that it enters service smoothly.

Development of the Legacy 450 is also proceeding on time, with the first flight expected during the second half of 2013. The first metal cut occurred last August after completion of the joint definition phase and the critical design reviews. The detailed design and certification phase is now underway and the first wing is already in production.

The midsize Legacy 500 and midlight Legacy 450 are expected to have the same disruptive influence on business aviation as the Phenom 100 and 300 had on their own market segments. They are the first clean-sheet midsize and midlight designs in 15 years and have been the recipient of international design and innovation awards. They are also the first midsize and midlight jets with full fly-by-wire (FBW) technology for complete envelope protection and improved comfort, efficiency and safety. FBW is to flight controls what FADEC is to engines or what the glass cockpit is to analog flight instruments—a giant leap in technology and a reduction in workload, as well as increased safety and reliability.

These are also the first midsize and midlight jets with a six-foot, stand-up cabin, offering the best cabin volume in the class. They offer the best high-speed cruise and the best cabin pressurization at 6,000 feet to increase passenger comfort.

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