Cessna Rolls Out M2 Light Jet, Flies New Citation X

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Cessna Aircraft celebrated milestones for two of its in-development business jets–the Citation M2 and next-generation Citation X–last week.

The first M2, a variant of the out-of-production Citation CJ1 with Garmin 3000 avionics and other improvements, was rolled off Cessna’s Independence, Kan. production line on Thursday. “Seeing the M2 roll off the assembly production line was a special moment,” said Lily English, general manager of Cessna’s Independence manufacturing plant. “Engineering, production and planning–this is a huge achievement for the whole team, and great news for M2 customers. We have filled the assembly line, and now look forward to seeing [more] M2s roll out of these doors.”

Meanwhile, the first production example of the new Citation X made a 3.1-hour maiden flight earlier in the week. Piloted by Cessna engineering test pilots Gary Drummond and Steve Turner, the midsize jet flew at up to 49,000 feet over western Kansas, and it reached Mach 0.915 at 41,000 feet. The new Citation X will have a top speed of Mach 0.935, making it the fastest civilian jet currently flying.

Cessna expects to begin delivering M2s in the fourth quarter, followed by first shipments of the new X early next year.

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