Bizjets Used for Efficiency, Not Luxury, Survey Finds

Just-released results from a comprehensive reader's choice survey conducted by AIN sister publication Business Jet Traveler confirm that, contrary to what the general public seems to believe, many who fly privately do so primarily not to enjoy luxury but to enhance their efficiency. Among the 1,100 business jet passengers who participated in the survey, "save time" remains the number-one reason for using business aviation, followed by "ability to use airports that airlines don’t serve," which is in essence a variation of "save time."

When BJT asked readers how their flying has changed in the past year, the answers boiled down to “not much.” About 38 percent said they flew about the same amount as in the year before, while 30 percent said they flew a bit or much more and an approximately equal number (32 percent) said they flew a bit or much less.

Asked about the year ahead, respondents painted an optimistic outlook: 46 percent expect to fly about the same while 42 percent anticipate flying a bit or much more. Only 12 percent plan to fly a bit or much less.

The survey results also include readers’ preferences for fractional share providers, jet cards, charter operators and aircraft models, among other data.

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